Construction Accidents & Personal Injury

Representing Victims in Construction Accident and Personal Injury Cases

An accident can change the course of an individual’s life in an instant. Victims of accidents often suffer serious and painful injuries that they may never be able to fully recover from. If you have been injured by the actions or inactions of another person or company, you may be able to collect money damages for your injuries, plus medical expenses and lost earnings and benefits. While no amount of money can turn back the clock and undo the damage, receiving a fair recovery can help a victim to get the medical care and financial support he or she needs to deal with a very difficult situation.

When someone is injured or killed due to the deliberate actions or negligent conduct of another individual or entity the attorneys at Hansen & Associates are well-prepared to take on the case. Our firm has been representing victims in serious personal injury cases for more than 20 years. We understand how the law works in these kinds of cases and know what it takes to achieve a maximum recovery for our clients. Our lawyers are widely recognized as being tough advocates with the skills and resources necessary to stand up for the rights of injury victims and their families. We are not afraid of difficult cases or powerful corporations – we are a strong and accomplished legal team that has obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements for clients in New York.

Taking on Difficult Accident and Injury Cases

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due the careless, reckless, intentional or negligent actions of another, Hansen & Associates is committed to helping you achieve a fair and just recovery. We represent clients in New York City and beyond in a broad range of accident cases, including:

  • Construction Site Accidents  Individuals who work on construction sites are at great risk for suffering an injury every day that they are on the job. While property owners, general contractors, and other contractors on job sites are required to provide a safe working environment, these companies often take short cuts to save time and money. If proper safety procedures and rules are not followed, serious accidents and injuries can and do occur. When this happens, we know the powerful New York laws that protect construction workers and we are committed to holding these businesses accountable for their wrongful actions.
  • Personal Injury Claims  While accidents and injuries can occur just about anywhere, some of the most common types of personal injury cases involve pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents and premises liability claims. Our firm represents individuals who have been injured due to the negligent and deliberate actions of others. We are a skilled legal team who will advocate for your right to receive the full financial compensation you need to recover from your accident and move forward with your life.

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When you are injured in an accident you need to be sure that you have a skilled attorney who will take the right steps to get you the results that you deserve. Hansen & Associates is an experienced firm that handles serious injury cases, including construction site accidents and personal injury claims. Contact a New York City labor lawyer or personal injury attorney at our firm today to schedule your free consultation. We can be reached by calling: 1-884-426-7385.

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