Daniel J. Hansen Obtains Nearly $20 Million for Man Injured by Police Using Excessive Force

May 20, 2015

Daniel J HansenIn 2010, a jury awarded Thomas Hartmann $19,604,000 after it was determined that his civil rights were violated when police used excessive force to arrest him. New York attorney Daniel J Hansen and Harvey Weitz represented the victim.

The incident took place on March 12, 2004 when Police Officer Karl Snelders attempted to arrest Thomas Hartmann for an alleged violation of an order of protection. When Hartmann fled on foot, Officer Karl Snelders chased him in his police vehicle and then ran over Hartmann with his cruiser. Both of Hartmann’s legs were crushed badly in the incident. After 12 emergency surgeries, Hartmann eventually lost his right leg due to the injuries he sustained.

Hartmann sued Officer Snelders for using excessive force in violation of the civil rights guaranteed by 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983. It was shown by the Plaintiff’s counsel that Officer Snelders not only used excessive force to apprehend Hartmann, but that he showed evil intent and a callous disregard for Hartmann’s rights.

As a result of the injuries Mr. Hartmann sustained, he was no longer able to continue working as a union construction worker. As a result, the jury awarded Hartmann $16,604,000 in compensatory damages to cover medical expenses, past pain and suffering, and future loss of earnings and benefits. They also awarded $3 million in punitive damages.

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